Daewoo Power Products is leader in marketing
and distribution of power products worldwide.

This company offers a wide range of production lines, all specifically designed and engineered to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers. All products presented on the market with the brand DAEWOO are certified and subject to strict control at all stages of production.

Daewoo products choice is explained by the strict work philosophy aimed towards satisfying both the retailer and the end user of each product. It is about considering your time and money by following trends in technology and design.

All Daewoo product range is presented in thirteen excellent lines:

– Power Products
– Voltage Stabilizers
– Air compressors
– Power tools
– Tool Accessories
– Hand tools
– Garden Equipment
– Construction Equipment
– Welding equipment
– Electric Water Pumps
– High Pressure Washers
– Dust and water vacuum cleaners
– Automotive Equipment

The Daewoo spirit is based on two pillars: always-competitive offering in the market and constant-professional advice on our products.